19 March 2006

What Religion Is Your Favourite Comic Book Hero?

When I was avidly reading super-hero comics as a child, it never occurred to me to wonder about the religions of each of the characters. However, The Religious Affiliation of Comic Book Characters is an extensively researched site about this very topic. I always liked Spider-Man (who turns out to be a Protestant), Thor (Teutonic paganism—surprise, surprise), and Supergirl (Kryptonian religion). There's also a list of the religions of the bad guys. Lex Luthor, for example, turns out to have been a Nietzschian atheiest. This site is a great browse; I've spent a lot of time here already. My only quarrel with it is that the lists aren't alphabetical; it takes time to find your character. But there's so much fun stuff to read along the way that I can't object too strongly. Via memepool.


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