29 July 2006

Good Site For Author Interviews

The Center For Book Culture has a terrific archive of interviews with authors. The authors featured are diverse: Milan Kundera, Stanley Elkin, Samuel Delany, Angela Carter, and many more. I like the way the list of author interviews is set up: the author is listed, the interviewer is named, and then there is a quotation from the author under each listing. I thought this was a great quotation from the interview with Paul West: "I think the reader has to be willing to work hard, has to be willing to do some work. No worthwhile book is going to go through them like a laxative." I also liked this one by Rikki Ducornet: "Every artist worth her salt knows what I mean--either one chooses the well trodden path, platitude, sentimentality, the current orthodoxy, whatever, or one blazes a trail which is, no matter the nature of the work, part of the process of becoming." Via Neat New Stuff On The Web.


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