23 March 2006

Geoffrey Chaucer Hath a Blog

Geoffrey Chaucer Hath a Blog is one of those sites that, for a medievalist, is a knee-slapper (make sure you check out the blog's tag-line!). Although written in pseudo-Middle English, it's easy to pick up, so those who aren't familiar with Chaucer's language shouldn't hesitate to visit. Here is a sample: "Oh newfanglenesse! Y have learned the privitees of the manye abbreviaciouns ywritten on the internette. OMG: "oh mine ++DOMINUS++". ROFL: "rollinge on the floore laughinge". IRL: "in reale lyfe." WTF: "whatte the swyve?" Here is an excerpt from the "Top X searches in myne networke: 8. discounte ale 7. Kent 6. Macrobius for dummyes 5. howe to thinly veil acquaintences as fictional characteres 4. arabic numerals 3. readynge %(%(%ing chancerye hand" Via Austen-tatious.


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