25 April 2006

A Blog Featuring Cautionary Tales for Writers

All too many writers have been duped by agents, writing competitions, or publishing ventures that are anything but legitimate. There are several web sites that should be required reading for all writers (Writer Beware being one of them), and now there's a blog that's well worth a look too. The blog has the overexcited name At Last! Writer Beware Blogs! A.C. Crispin and Victoria Strauss Reveal All!, but I'm assuming the name is a parody of the overheated prose found in promotional material by scammers. The blog's taglines read as follows: "Come and read about hunting down scam agents, and get information on writing and publishing from authors/scam hunters Victoria Strauss and A.C. Crispin. Got questions on how to avoid scams in the writing world? Ask the experts! Got questions on writing and publishing? Get the straight dope here." There are stories listed here regarding scammers, and they're the kind that you just couldn't make up. There's also a recent post analysing a new literary agent's promotional material (and the resulting cautions). The site is well worth a look. Via Stones In the Field through Digital Medievalist.


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