18 April 2006

Holy Tango Anthology of Literature

Here's an interesting idea for a spoof: the Holy Tango Anthology of Literature. Here's how it works: first, you take a well-known author's name and make an anagram out of it to produce a title. Then, you write a parody of a well-known work of the author's. Thus, Samuel Taylor Coleridge becomes "Multicolored Argyle Sea" and a poem results that is a spoof on "The Ancient Mariner." e.e. cummings becomes "nice smug me"; Allen Ginsberg becomes "Bangles Linger." You can read the resulting works at HOLY TANGO ANTHOLOGY of LITERATURE. There are spoofs on Emily Dickinson, Euripides, Joyce Kilmer, Tennessee Williams, Oscar Wilde, and many more. Via Apothecary's Drawer.


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