16 May 2006

Three Questions With Three Answers Each

Here's a meme that I found a while back. No one's tagged me, but I'll provide my answers anyway just because I like this sort of thing! Name 3 books you liked, titles which start with A, B, C (one per letter). · A Stained White Radiance (James Lee Burke) · Bleak House (Charles Dickens) · Crow Lake (Mary Lawson) Name 3 authors you like whose names (given or surname) start with A, B, and C (one per letter): · Austen, Jane · Burke, James Lee · Chaucer, Geoffrey Name 3 books on your "To Read" list with titles starting with A, B, C (one per letter): · A Tale of Two Cities (Charles Dickens) · Barrelhouse Kings (Barry Callaghan) · Can You Forgive Her? (Anthony Trollope) Via The Blog Jar.


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