06 May 2006

Shakespearean Insults

If you're ever feeling the need for some creative ways to incorporate Shakespeare into your life, here are two sites that can help you. The Shakespearean Insulter has two kinds of insults. The first are those that are taken from the plays. Some samples of these are "What a drunken knave was the sea to cast thee in our way!" (Pericles) or "Thou wilt fall backward when thou hast more wit" (Romeo and Juliet). There are others that appear to have been randomly generated using Shakespearean language. That is also the way the insults are created at The Shakespearean Insult Server, a page which has now been partially retired but where you can still create your own insults (and then send them to someone via E-mail). Here's one such insult: Thou dankish, beetle-headed canker-blossom.


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