02 July 2006

An Unusual Way To Arrange Bookshelves

I'm fairly compulsive about organising my bookshelves. First, I sort my books according to category (poetry in this section, fiction here, non-fiction on the other wall). Then I break it down by genre. In the fiction category, for example, my literary fiction is separate from the mysteries which in turn are separate from speculative fiction. Then it's broken down alphabetically (Atwood comes before Dickens) and if I have multiple titles by the same author, I shelve them chronologically (Jane Austen's Northanger Abbey comes before Pride and Prejudice, for example). Imagine my shock, then, when I came across this method of organising books: by their colour. According to this blog's writer and those who have left comments, it's a method that works well. I'll take their word for it—just the thought of it makes my toes curl under. Via Flutterby.


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