27 June 2006

Godey's Lady's Book Online

Parts of Godey's Lady's Book, the popular 19th century American women's magazine, can now be found online. The first (Godey's Lady's Book Online Home Page) has online copies of the publication for January, February, March, April, and November 1850. The second (Godey's Lady's Book: Hope Greenberg) has two collections. One is a highlights page: there are samples from the magazines from 1855—1858. The other has the complete issues from July, August, and September 1855 and a partial issue of May 1852. The magazine published stories (e.g. "The Earl's Death-Bed; or, The Force of Conscience") and poems (e.g. "To The Faithless One"). There are articles, illustrations, patterns for the latest fashionable item, and more. In the January 1850 issue we read advice about the following point of etiquette:
"We may as well mention here, for the sake of the other sex, that loud thumping with canes and umbrellas, in demonstration of applause, is voted decidedly rude. Clapping the hands is quite as efficient, and neither raises a dust to soil the dresses of the ladies, not a hubbub enough to deafen them."
A great browse.


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