04 August 2006

Collection of 19th Century American School Books

If you feel like going back in time, you might like to browse through this digital collection of 19th century American school books. There are books here with titles such as the following: · Slate and Black Board Exercises · Dainty Songs For Little Lads And Lasses : For Use In The Kindergarten, School And Home · The New Vertical Script Primer · The Girl's Reading-Book : In Prose And Poetry, For Schools You can also read the survey of schoolbooks by Dr. John Nietz which has the following sections: · spellers · readers · grammars · arithmetics · geographies · American histories · civil government · physiologies · penmanship, art, and music One of the books of physiology hopes it will be "useful to youth, and especially to females... by avoiding fashions which deform and ruin." I immediately began browsing in the section on spellers (which were always my favourite books when I was in school). Do schools even have spellers any more? Via Weblog V2.


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