11 April 2006

The Phrase Finder

The Phrase Finder is a site that has the meanings and the origins of over 2,000 phrases. There is a list of phrases from Shakespeare, a list of proverbs, a list of euphemisms, a separate list for euphemisms around religious matters (such as gorblimey), and phrases relating to the human body (e.g. ankle biter). You can receive "A Phrase a Week" via E-mail, and if you're feeling the need to test your knowledge, you can take a phrase quiz or a "phrase from Shakespeare" quiz. You can also participate in the discussion forum. The origins of some of these phrases are already fairly well-known (e.g. baker's dozen). Some of the other phrases are relatively new. Recent additions to the list include the following: · be afraid, be very afraid · go pound sand · the floozie in the jacuzzi I've never heard of the last two phrases, but that may simply mean that I need to get out more. Via Neat New Stuff On The Web.


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