27 April 2006

A Site to Browse on a Rainy Day

Litrix describes itself as "a quiet place for lovers of good writing." It's a website with links to the full texts of many works that are in the public domain or whose authors have given permission for them to be online. It has various categories to search, including the following: · Ms. Austen and Co. · antiquities · mysteries · horror · Mr. Holmes · Americans · the Bard · the Bower (this ranges from Moll Flanders to the Starr Report) As an added bonus, each book comes with a one-sentence description, often tongue-in-cheek. For The Ambassadors: "You can take the boy out of the country, but . . ." For Emma: "Clueless miss minds everybody's business but her own."


Blogger Maxine said...

My goodness, they really have got the full text of Anna Karenina up there, I looked! Can you imagine reading that online, or downloading it?

Thank you very much for linking to Petrona on your delightful blog, I am most honoured and flattered.

all the best
Maxine (aka Petrona).

4/27/2006 07:16:00 a.m.  

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