26 May 2006

The English-American Dictionary

The English-American Dictionary is a website that provides those of us on this side of the ocean with an understanding of slang and idiom from the U.K. Chris Rae, the owner of the site, says, "As a Scot who has spent some time in the USA on holiday lately, I have discovered a bewildering array of words which are in common use on our side of the pond and invariably mean nothing at all or something exceedingly rude on the other side. I once noted down about fifteen of them and that afternoon formulated them into this dictionary." From there, and with the help of others, the dictionary grew and grew. He has the definitions categorised into numerous categories, including clothing, sports, insults, appliances, sex, and more. There are also links explaining the currency, the geography (such as what countries comprise the United Kingdom), and Cockney rhyming slang. I enjoyed this site. Prolonged reading of British novels meant that I'd figured out many of these words on my own, but it's good to finally know what "twee" means. Via Bonzer Web Sites of the Week.


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