28 May 2006

Summer Reading Lists

The annual round-up of nominations for summer reading has begun. I always like to know what other people are reading, so I enjoy these articles. Slate Magazine has asked some authors what they would take to the beach; the answers can be found in "My Favourite Beach Book". Over at Reading Matters, kim bofo has tackled this question too. In addition to her list of beach reads, she also has a post that lists some summer reading challenges, some of which raise money for charity and some of which are done just for fun. I won't be taking part in any challenges, but I do find there are certain books or types of books that I read every summer. Here's a list of books that are my summer reads: · Dancer From The Dance by Andrew Holleran · all the Harry Potter books · whatever mystery series happens to be catching my attention; this year I'm re-reading all of Gail Bowen's Joanne Kilbourne mysteries in preparation for the new book that's coming out in September · any of the Dave Robichaux books by James Lee Burke · like kim, anything by Maeve Binchy · anything by Amy Tan · a few children's books, always including the Olivia ones (here's an interview with Ian Falconer about the newest one that's forthcoming in June: Olivia Forms A Band) · Remembrance of Things Past · any of the books by the endlessly entertaining Miss Manners · Kim by Rudyard Kipling My summer books are generally those I've read all ready. All of those listed above I've read over and over (except for Proust, which I've only read once—and then I re-read a bit every summer). But every now and again I find a book for the summer that I've never seen before. The other day at our library I stumbled across Curry: A Tale of Cooks and Conquerors by Lizzie Colllingham. This is one I'm glad I picked up.


Blogger berlynn said...

A few summers ago I read a Dostoevsky novel, The Possessed. I can't remember it so I figure I'm ready for another go. And, as I've commented on your blog before, I need to read Tolstoy's, Anna Karenina.

5/28/2006 01:14:00 p.m.  
Blogger Amy said...

You're so energetic! Both of those are books I want to read (or, in the case of Anna Karenina, re-read), but I just can't muster the mental energy in the summer.

5/29/2006 01:57:00 a.m.  

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