14 August 2006

Stump The Booksellers

Here’s a useful resource for those who have fond memories of their childhood reading but who can’t remember the name of a particular book: Stump the Booksellers. For $2.00, readers can submit descriptions of books they read and now want to locate, and the site’s owners or its readers will supply the names of the books (if they know). Not all mysteries are solved immediately; here’s one that they’ve pulled from the archives:
Children's books, probably read during the 1940s, about a young honey bee who searchs for a good shape to use for building a honeycomb. After experimenting, he comes up with a hexagon as an ideal shape and goest back to the hive to suggest that they use this shape - not knowing that is what they already use! Sort of a "re-inventing the wheel," or "doomed to repeat the past" thing. Thank you.
If you think you know the answer to this, you can send in an answer via this page. This site is run by Loganberry Books, a used bookseller in Shaker Heights, Ohio. Via Weblog V2.


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