14 April 2006

A Reading List to Help You Save the World

For anyone who wants to do something about the state of the world today, but who doesn't know where to begin, Dave Pollard has compiled the How to Save the World Reading List. This list grew out of his writing and thinking in his How To Save the World blog. It features books under the following headings: · What Life Was Really Like Before Civilization: Revisionist History · What's Going On Under Our Noses: The Real News · About Gaia: What Nature Is Really About · Radical Analysis, Radical Solutions · Toolkit For Change: Knowledge We Can Use To Save The World Update: one day (!) after I posted this entry, Dave Pollard updated his list. It now contains 80 books/articles. As an added bonus, "The fifteen most critical readings have a numbered triangle in front of them, with the numbers reflecting the order that, I would suggest, it makes most sense to read them." To see the updated list, click here. Via Rebecca's Pocket.


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