17 July 2006

Sonnet Central

If you're a fan of the sonnet, here's a site for you: Sonnet Central. This site is described as "an archive of English sonnets, commentary, and relevant web links and a forum for poets to share and discuss their own work." You can find information here about how to write a sonnet, or you can read the sonnets of others (ranging from contemporary writers who are experimenting with the sonnet form to famous writers such as Shakespeare). There is information and collections of sonnets from Great Britain (from the first works of Sir Thomas Wyatt in the 16th century through to 20th century sonneteers). There is also information and collections of sonnets from around the world (including Australia, Canada, the United States, France, Germany, Poland, and more). Finally, there is a section for sonnets that have little or no literary merit, but that are of interest for other reasons. Included here are such entries as an anonymous sonnet about a nose and the sonnets of a chorus girl.


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